The Bitcoin Lightning App for your Browser

Alby brings Bitcoin payments to the web with in-browser payments and identity, all with your own wallet.

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Quick & Easy Setup

Just connect your existing Bitcoin Lightning wallet or create a new wallet in a few clicks.

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Convenient & Secure

When a website requests a payment you will be prompted for confirmation. No need searching for your credit card, no QR-Code scanning or app-switching.

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Control your Budget

Set your budget and manage your allowances for each website to automate the payment process.

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Use Cases

Content Monetization

Send and receive payments on websites, Twitter or YouTube and other social media platforms.

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Passwordless logins

Authenticate with a Bitcoin Lightning wallet. No need to remember a username or password.

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Explore Nostr with Alby

Alby lets you dive into the new, emerging world of Nostr - a simple and open protocol that aims to create censorship-resistant social networks.

Manage your keys

Generate and manage multiple Nostr keys in the Alby extension.
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Tips & payments

Create and receive lightning payments in Nostr clients.
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Get a unique identifier

Verify your Nostr profile with your Alby account.
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Get a Lightning address

Like an email address, but for bitcoin. Easy to share and remember.

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Other Features

No Tracking Software

No stats, analytics, or other trackers come with the extension.

Open Source

Completely open code that can be audited and extended by anyone.

Transaction History

View the details of past payments, deposits, and other activities (soon).

Do you have feedback or need help?

Alby is open-source and currently in alpha stage. Our goal is to create the best online experience to consume and reward content and services online. We love to hear from you. File a Github issue, use the Feedback board for feature requests or join the Telegram channel.

The Bitcoin Lightning App for your Browser

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