The bitcoin lightning wallet for your online experience

Get to know the power of the bitcoin lightning Network in your browser.

Here is what you need to know to get started.

Approve website

When a new website wants to access lightning functionality for the first time you will be prompted to approve the site.

Confirm payment

When a website requests a payment you will be prompted for confirmation directly in your browser. No QR-Code scanning or app-switching.
You can also set a budget for each website.

Set a budget

You can give websites a budget. Whenever the website then requests a payment the wallet will act on your behalf and automatically pay invoices until the budget is used.

Experience your favorite online content without interruption.

Keep track of all your transactions

Manage budget allowances and keep track of all lightning websites you have used.

Log in with lightning

Forget usernames and passwords. Log in with your lightning wallet using LNURL-auth.

Try it now!

Here is a simple demo that requests 25 sats.
Try it multiple times and test the budget feature.