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Your Bitcoin & Nostr companion for the web

Connect your wallet, use Bitcoin & Nostr apps and collect Ordinals with the Alby Extension.
Create an Alby Account to get a lightning wallet for payments wherever you go.

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Alby Browser Extension

Connect one or many of your lightning wallets and use bitcoin natively on the web.

Explore bitcoin apps

Explore bitcoin apps

Interact seamlessly with bitcoin apps. One-click transactions and logins. No passwords needed.

Convenient & Secure

Convenient & Secure

Quickly confirm payment requests from apps. No QR-code scanning, app-switching or looking for your credit card details.

Manage your Nostr keys

Manage your Nostr keys

Generate and manage multiple keys and explore the new, emerging world of Nostr.

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Alby Account

Convenient bitcoin wallet with your personal lightning address and a tipping page.

Ready in a few clicks

Ready in a few clicks

Create your Alby Account in just a few clicks and start transacting bitcoin lightning fast.



Link your Alby Account to other apps and stream money to your favourite creators or enjoy inflows from others.

Get your Nostr identifier

Get your Nostr identifier

Have your keys verified with your Alby Account and let everybody easily find you on Nostr.

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Monetize your content in a new way

Accept payments directly from your fans.


As a podcaster

Build up a direct revenue stream from your listeners.


On your website

Benefit from multiple tools to receive payments on your website.

Social media

On social media

Keep your existing content distribution channels but avoid hefty fees.

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Get to know WebLN and the Alby API that make it incredibly easy for you to:

  • Enable instant payments for your services
  • Embed bitcoin wallets for your users
  • Allow them to log in with their lightning wallets