Hello there, Pocket bitcoiners 👋

The Alby browser extension will let you receive bitcoin you bought on Pocket straight on your lightning node.

Pocket logo + Alby logo = ⚡️ ♥️
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How to accept lightning transfers from Pocket?

  1. Connect your node to the Alby Extension (see below).
  2. Go back to Pocket and use the Alby extension to verify your node.
  3. Enjoy direct lightning transfers from Pocket 🚀

How to connect your lightning node to Alby?

  1. Install the Alby browser extension.
    Screenshot of Alby on the addons store
  2. Set your extension unlock password.
    Screenshot of unlocking Alby
  3. Choose "Connect" under "Other Wallets" to connect your node.
    Screenshot of connecting on Alby
  4. In the next screen, choose your lightning node. Pocket only allows to withdraw to self-custodial nodes like LND, Core Lightning, Eclair, Umbrel, RaspiBlitz, myNode, Citadel, or Start9.
    Lnd Core-lightning Eclair Umbrel
    Citadel Raspiblitz My-node Start-9
  5. For detailed guides on how to connect your lightning node, visit our Alby guides.
    Screenshot of Alby's Pocket guide
  6. Once your wallet is connected you are ready to buy bitcoin via Pocket

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