Power up your app with Bitcoin

Embed wallets and instant payments into your apps with the Alby Wallet API.

Build with Alby Wallet API
import { Client } from "@getalby/sdk";

const client = new Client({
  scopes: ["payments:send"]

const { preimage } =
  await client.sendPayment({ invoice });
A better way to integrate payments

A better way to integrate payments

Let users bring their bitcoin wallets into your app. No need to worry about management of customers' funds and operations of wallets or nodes - we handle that for you.

Engage customers in new ways

Engage customers in new ways

Invent unique bitcoin-related features.

Enable instant and cheap payments accessible by anyone from anywhere or give your customers a chance to earn some bitcoin using your app.

Get empowered with open standards

Get empowered with open standards

Get started quickly and build on open standards to ensure interoperability and prevent lock-in effects.

async function pay(invoice) {
  // 🔒 request permissions
  await webln.enable();

  // ⚡️ send the payment
  await webln.sendPayment(invoice);

WebLN is a set of global specifications for bitcoin lightning web apps. It provides a programmatic, permissioned interface for letting applications ask users to send payments, generate invoices to receive payments, and much more.

Boost the user experience with just 3 lines of JavaScript and check out ready-made code examples.


Web-based podcast hosting service

Give your podcasters a chance to build up a new revenue stream with bitcoin-based payments.


Mobile podcast listening app

Let your listeners support and interact with their favourite podcasters directly.

Social media

Income analytics for podcasters

Get insights and analytics about your income, contributors and understand how your audience is listening to each episode.

const nwc = new webln.NWC({

// connect to the relay
await nwc.enable();

// pay an invoice
await nwc.sendPayment(invoice);

The Alby Developers Guide covers the packages and APIs available to developers with simple examples and use cases so you know exactly how to power your app with lightning.

We're constantly creating new building blocks to enable developers to build awesome apps.